Sweet Potato Cornbread

Ready to spice up your Thanksgiving feast with a little southern sass and a whole lot of flavor? I have an easy Sweet Potato Cornbread recipe for you that tastes AMAZING. It’s the cousin to your regular cornbread that’s going to steal the show this Thanksgiving.

Now, I could give you the whole spiel about the “harmony of flavors” and the “nostalgia in every bite” but I know it’s the holidays and you’re probably busy so let’s just get straight to this sweet potato cornbread recipe.

I contributed a piece to the renowned recipe site “The Kitchn,” detailing how to make it.

It’s the kind of dish that brings warmth to your table without breaking a sweat in the kitchen. And guess what? If you’ve tried my highly rated cornbread recipe, then I know you’ll love this one too!


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Head over to The Kitchn.com for the full Sweet Potato Cornbread recipe. Your taste buds will thank you.

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