Punta Cana Vacation

Last week was the best week I’ve had in a long time because I was in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. Our resort and our hotel room was beautiful. The water was perfect. The beach was super clean and all the drinks you could want.

Dominican Republic Beaches The view of the ocean was awesome. The water was nice and warm just the way I like it.

Majestic Colonial Resorts Punta Cana
                                                                        Majestic Colonial Front Desk and Restaurants

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Majestic Colonia Punta Cana beach5 natural hair hairstyles for vacation

Mamajuana Caribeno
Just some gift we bought back 🙂

This stuff is so good! It’s a cinnamon and sugar blend. I tried it in my coffee, tea and French toast and my banana cake I made. (Will post recipe later) It smells like coffee though. Delicious.

 We took a 2.5 hour trip to Santo Domingo for a historical tour. It was an all day trip and A LOT of walking and man oh man was it hot!


Alcazar de Colon (Columbus family palace)


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It was built by Christopher Columbus’s son, Diego, and overlooks the River Ozama and large Plaza Espana.

Alcazar de Colon


Alcazar de Colon Santo Domingo
                                                                        Alcazar de Colon (Columbus family palace)

Columbus Lighthouse Faro a Colón
 Columbus Lighthouse (Faro a Colón), in tribute to Christopher Columbus. It’s purported that Columbus was buried here.    At night when their is a clear sky, a white cross is projected into the black sky. The white cross can be seen for many miles around the city of Santo Domingo.

National Pantheon in Santo Domingo.
                                            Soldier standing guard in the National Pantheon in Santo Domingo.

We also visited some caves that had three lakes called Los Tres Ojos (The Three Eyes), It was beautiful to see them. It use to be a holy site for the native Taino Indians. Women and children use to bathe in one of the lakes.  It was also the setting for some parts of Tarzan and Jurassic Park.

Los Tres Ojos Santo Domingo


We weren’t fans of the food or desserts. I spoke to other people staying there and they didn’t care for them either. It’s a beautiful resort but I think for what people pay the food should be A LOT better.  There was a couple spots where the food was much better. But I prefered the authentic Dominican food we had at the Atarazana Restaurant in Santo Domingo.

Atarazana Restaurant in Santo Domingo.
  Atarazana Restaurant in Santo Domingo.

Atarazana Restaurant in Santo Domingo.


The last night there, I had banana tempura which was very good. It inspired me to make a banana dessert when I got back home and I did just that. I will post the recipe sometime this week. If you are planning on staying here and have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or just comment below.

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  1. Sarah Reynolds says:

    I love Punta Cana, thank you for sharing. This brings back so many memories. 🙂