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a bowl of golden brown round hush puppies
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Hushpuppies Recipe

These hush puppies  are crisp on the outside, soft, light and airy in the inside. Cornmeal, green onions, red onions, flour, milk are some of the main ingredients in this recipe. The batter is then deep fried until golden brown. Bite sized, delicious and easy to make! Perfect for your next fish fry!
Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Southern American
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 6 people
Author April


  • ¾ cup cornmeal
  • ½ cup flour
  • 1 ½ tsp baking powder
  • ¾ tsp salt
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ¼ tsp red pepper
  • tsp garlic powder
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 egg lightly beaten
  • ¼ cup minced red onions
  • 1 quart vegetable oil
  • 3 green onions Minced (only the green part)


  • Combine the dry ingredients – flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, salt, cayenne, and garlic powder in one bowl. Stir in the milk and beaten eggs into the dry ingredients along with red and green onions. Mix until just combined. Let the batter sit for 10-15 minutes *See notes. 
  • In a large deep cast iron or dutch oven, heat 2 quarts of oil to 365°F. Using a tablespoon sized ice cream scoop with spring release, drop 5-9 balls into the hot oil. *See notes
  • Fry until golden brown, turning consistently for even cooking. Remove with a slotted spoon. Drain on paper towel. Repeat until you’re out of batter. *See notes*


Tips to Make Hush Puppies
Batter - In order to achieve airy & light hush puppies, the needs to be a bit looser but it will thicken up some after you stir the batter and let it sit for 10-15 minutes....
Drop - Drop 5-6 tablespoon sized balls into the batter. To make dropping the batter into the oil  easier, I recommend an ice cream scoop with a spring release. 
Stir batter just until just combined and let it sit for 15 minutes. FYI. Over mixing may result in dry dense hush puppies. Drop - Use a tablespoon sized ice cream scoop like the one I mentioned above or any with a spring release for easy release. 
Sugar - The sugar will make these brown much faster so make sure to turn the hush puppies consistently and the oil temp stays steady  at 365 F. 355-365 F is ideal. 
Pot - Use at least a 5 or 6 quart cast iron or dutch oven.Try to maintain an oil temperature of  365°.  They will absorb a lot of oil if the temperature is too low. If the oil is too high, the outsides will cook fast and the insides may be raw.  Adjust the heat accordingly. Best bet is to use a thermometer. I use this one.
Frying - To prevent burning make sure to consistently turn the hush puppies as they fry since they cook fast and can burn quickly. Fyi, some hush puppies will turn themselves over as they cook. Use a slotted spoon to remove them from the oil. 
Finish - Fry until they are golden brown with tiny raised bumps. 
The oil - To clean the oil, strain the cooked particles with a wire mesh strainer lined with a cheesecloth. Use a funnel to pour the oil into an bottle with tight lid. Store for up to a month. 
Leftovers - These are best eaten same day. 
Drain - Drain on a paper towel. You can also put a rack or a cooling rack on top of foil covered sheet pan and then place the hush puppies on the rack. 
Serve - with seafood or bbq or fried fish. Catfish or Fried whiting are ideal. I love to serve them with fish or collard greens or even a simple salad. Honey butter is delicious too. 
Updated recipe from ¾ cup of milk to ½ cup.